Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend Immunological Days in Pleven 2019 - 8th International Workshop “Autoimmunity in 2019: The Good and the Bad News” which will take place on 10-11 April, 2019 in Pleven, Bulgaria.

Even as our understanding regarding the various diagnostic and clinical aspects of autoimmunity rapidly expand in recent years, many issues remain unresolved, some of them concerning the success of the clinical practice and newly discovered life style factors influencing autoimmune diseases.

“Autoimmunity in 2019” will aim to point out, discuss and hopefully enlighten the hot new topics in Autoimmunity research, opening a road to new ideas and collaborations. We hope, at the end of the workshop, the “Good news” for our clinicians and patients would be significantly more than the “Bad” one.

The Workshop will focus on the following key areas:

1/ The Mosaic of Autoimmunity.
2/ Diagnostic Methods in Autoimmunity: Resolved and Unresolved Issues.
3/ The Animal models: Good or Bad News for Autoimmunity?
4/ Treatment of Autoimmune diseases: The Good News in 2019?
5/ Nutrition, Drugs and Autoimmunity.
6/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Varia.

The official language of the Workshop is English.

8TH International Workshop “AUTOIMMUNITY IN 2019” invites the submission of original abstracts for Oral and Poster Presentation. All titles and authors should be submitted via the online submission form or email before the deadline for titles (30 January, 2019) in order to be forwarded to the Workshop Chairs for review. The abstracts of the approved titles should be submitted via the online submission form or email before the deadline for abstracts (28 February, 2019). On-line submission of titles and abstracts: (active after 15 January), e-mail submission: For more information, please contact: Daniela Gonkova - tel.: +35964/804 790; Cell: +359885/299 965; e-mail:; Veneta Tancheva - tel.: +35964/804 790; Cell:+359886/973 317; e-mail:

We hope you will join us at Immunological Days in Pleven in April, 2019.


Assoc. Prof. Emiliana Konova, MD, PhD
Prof. Elissaveta Naumova, MD, D.Sc.
Prof. Dobroslav Kyurkchiev, MD, D.Sc